Cartoony artist from Rural Victoria, Australia.
Furry. Gamer.
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Chances are if it's a FeralPup on Australian servers, it's me :D
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About Me!

I am 28 years old, born December 25th 1990.
I live in regional Victoria, just far enough out of the main city that it's quiet peaceful.

I have been drawing ever since I was a child and could pick up a pencil.
I took several art classes throughout highschool but I am mostly self taught.
I specialise in drawing canid based creatures, since I love dogs and wolves, though I do branch out into other species frequently to learn how to draw them.
Humans I have trouble with and would prefer not to draw them when I can help it hahah.

I am also disabled.
I struggle with fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis, along with a hand full of mental issues.

I don't let that stop me from doing what I love.
I might be slow, but I still do art as often as my pain will allow me.

I live with my partner, who's character is an arctic fox., and we celebrate our 10 year anniversary this December!

My pets are my life.
I have 1 dog and 2 cats.
The two cats are Hyder, a black domestic long hair boy who is 1½ and Mei, a mackeral tabby cat, who is 2.
My dog is a Dalmatian called Mikey, who turned 7 this year.
He lives with my parents but he is my dog and I care for him greatly.

I will open for Commissions on my Ko-Fi page! So keep an eye
on that for openings!

Important information:

All my art work is DIGITAL.
I will not post out artwork.
I will NOT do comic pages.
I will NOT do reference sheets.
Do not send payment unless you have confirmed with me everything
to do with the commission!

I will not include my characters in your commission, unless under very select circumstances.

Do not message me unless I advertise I am open for commissions.
I will not hold future spots for commissions.

Sketch Headshots / Busts

Headshots will cost $15 - $20 depending on complexity.

Single Character Only.

I can turn it into a badge for an extra $3

Full Body / Half Body

Half body art will start at $40
Full bodied art costs $50 to start with.
Extra character is another $15.
Complicated backgrounds are an extra $10.

Coloured Headshots / Busts

Headshots will start at $30, and end at the neck / neck fluff.

Busts will start at $35 and end around the chest / shoulders.

An extra $3 for turning into a badge (Outlining, name, any other details)

Extra $3 for more complicated character.

Telegram Stickers

Stickers will start at $11 each.
A pack of 5 will cost $50
A pack of 10 will cost $95
A pack of 15 stickers will cost $140

If a second character is being added, that will incur an extra $5 per sticker they're included in.

These are the current bits of Merch I have for sale!
I also will be adding things to my RedBubble in the future